there's nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to know. it's absolute freedom, at the edge of the world.

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Members of the Sisterhood of the Good Death pray during the Festival of the Good Death in Cachoeira, Brazil, Aug. 16.

The Afro-Brazilian sisterhood is made up of female descendants of slaves, all age 50 and over, and honors both Catholic traditions and Afro-Brazilian Candomblé religious rites.

The sisterhood is believed to be the oldest organization for women of African descent in the Americas.

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Nosferatu (1922)

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this one time i was going home after a party at a friend’s at like 5 am and i stopped by to buy some gum and water and the clerk started giggling while he handed me the stuff, then said ‘fun night right?’

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Another bad boy stereotype with a weird obsession with some depressed boy, this time wrapped up in priest-like clothing. It was a weird movie, which bit more than it could chew, but still, a pretty enjoyable watch. Had some gothic undertone to it. 

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There’s this really cheesy movie loosely based on the Ricky Kasso case (the ‘Acid King’) that features bad boys and some real heavy gay innuendo, stuff which I’m an absolute sucker for. 

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also on the subject of sexual violence i’ve drawn two instances of women being raped and the women depicted are 

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Canadian early 20th century spiritualist medium Mary Ann Marshall exuding so-called ectoplasm during a seance. In late 19th-early 20th centuries, spiritualism and the communication with the dead was very popular and many scam-artists went to great lengths producing elaborate hoax ectoplasm and spirit photography.

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So this guy messaged me today on DA asking about a commission - particularly a picture of his friend shooting his ex wife. 

I can understand why he’d contact me in particular. I won’t lie, I’ve drawn some really insensitive pictures in my life. I like drawing serial killers, and I like shipping serial killers. Somethings I really don’t regret drawing, and some things I honestly feel like they were in bad taste. This guy reached my work because of my serial killer artwork, so naturally he’d think I was the right artist for this kind of work.

And maybe if it had been two years ago, I’d have done it. I didn’t really give a fuck. I’d been schooled in the 4chan ideology that the edgier, the better. At some point I began to understand the larger picture. How it all comes together. 

I just can’t do this shit anymore.

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