there's nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to know. it's absolute freedom, at the edge of the world.

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i need my husbando with me right now

can i raise 2000 dollars to go to ireland to kiss him

can i

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Scotney Castle, Lamberhurst, Kent, England

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They Will Never Return | Seneca Army Depot on Flickr.

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Ilkley, West Yorkshire.

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THE DEATH POSTURE - Austin Osman Spare. [Front piece to The Book Of Pleasure (self - love)].1913

"What is there to believe, but in Self? And Self is the negation of completeness as reality. No man has seen self at any time. We are what we believe and what it implies by a process of time in the conception; creation is caused by this bondage to formula."


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Vasily Polenov

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m0th3rb0n3 replied to your post “one of those things that i think all artists can relate to is feeling,…”

YES! This is when it is becoming pure. Almost totally unconscious. I’ve seen those struggle for years trying to get there and the best thing to do is get out of one’s own way. Let it flow through you. Thanks for reminding me this morning!

Ha, RAW kind of reminded me of that idea, which I’ve been parading around inside my head for a couple of months. I mean there’s a pervasive avatar within western culture of external forces ‘feeding’ the thinker/artist with ideas (the muse, the daemon, etc) and when you find yourself experiencing it, it becomes kind of obvious why that idea has persisted through the ages. Personally when I draw I barely put any thought into what I’m drawing, besides making sure the composition/overall ambience is what I’m looking for - the objects and the characters are made up on the spot and on a complete whim. And when I’m finished sometimes I sit back and think “shit, where is this coming from? Why is it there?” 

When I write, I have to be convinced of what I’m writing and being convinced for me means feeling like I have someone whispering the words in my ears - you feel like the characters are almost tangible, like you’re talking about an old friend, drawing stuff from memory.

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